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Equinox Render

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The EQUINOX project was conceived as a counter sister project to the earlier Caesar’s Park Boathouse, and as such they share opposite sides of the same site. The program consists of creating a school for the creation of traditional skin boats, and a small residence for the owner of the school; these skinboats would then be used in the boathouse across the bridge. After much deliberation, it was decided that the design exploration took its starting point from the idea that the program can and would be best accommodated in a simple double story box; that the architectural richness of the project would be achieved via skin and material options.
With this in mind I set out to create a long linear box scheme that would allow plentiful natural light to enter the space, while at the same time exploring different high performance building skins. The double skin façade is composed of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) and is clad in corrugated metal panels. This double skin acts as a rain screen and allows from deep window mullions to be placed in between the SIP panels that distribute light across the space bellow. The space is further illuminated by low level frosted glass openings in the walls. Because of these openings and double skin; when seen from afar, the EQUINOX brings to mind the idea of the classic modernist box on pilotis; a long narrow box that extends into space and is seemingly suspended in the air.

  • For Undergraduate Work, Spring 2006

  • Type Architecture, Academic

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